3.6.0 - Release Notes#

Squirro 3.6.0 was released on 21 Jul 2022. This page describes the changes that went into this release.


  • [Search] Allow to parameterize the impact of each searchable field and label.

  • [React Custom Widget API] Make Resources available in custom components

  • [Search] Query Strategy configuration: make stemmed field matching optional for exact phrase searches.

  • Expose useDrilldown hook in React custom widgets

  • Engagement map rework for custom WIdget API

  • The ingester service and the pipeline steps will now create structured logs which will populate the squirro_v9_data_ingestion index.

Bug Fixes#

  • [Pipeline Editor] Fix issue where the summary, description, and config options of built-in pipelets (e.g., Nlp Keyphrase Tagger) in pipeline workflows of imported projects (e.g., Cognitive Search) were not displayed in the Pipeline Editor.

  • Fixes SearchQuery widget showing the dashboard query as default query(not in GlobalSearch)

  • If you invoke squirro_status without having first resolved the common.ini (which lists all the services and their URLs), then squirro_status will not be stuck there, being unable to complete.

Breaking Changes#

  • [Search] Configuration: common.ini setting facet_boosting_values got replaced with project configuration-service setting topic.search.field-boosts

  • [Search] The steps for custom query processing workflows changes and thus already existing custom query workflows are no longer working. To resolve the issue, recreate the workflow by cloning the default workflow.

  • [libNLP] Removal of unused steps:

    • base: batch_randomizer

    • analyzer: classification_analyzer, topic_modeling_analyzer

    • classifiers: cnn_seq2one, rnn_seq2one, seq2one, seq2seq, sequence

    • clusterers: gmm, kmeans, lda

    • embedders: dictionary, doc2vec, glove

    • filters: clear, presence, window

    • recommenders: user_feature

    • tokenizers: word_ngram

  • [libNLP] Marking of steps as deprecated (still working by rerouting to a maintained step):

    • base: log

    • embedders: tfidf

    • tokenizers: sentences

  • The cacheable option specifying whether to cache a document in the NLP step is no longer valid. Instead, use the new option called cache_document in the workflow configuration.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.