Time Formats Pipelet#

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This page describes the Time Formats pipelet, which supports the list of format strings on the Squirro UI.

Project creators can upload this pipelet to their Squirro instance, then add it in the Load section of their pipeline workflows before the Transform Input step (if it is present).

Refer to the docstring of the pipelet for an example configuration:

from squirro.sdk import PipeletV1
from datetime import datetime


class TimeFormatsPipelet(PipeletV1):
    """Parse values of datetime fields using a list of time formats.

    This pipelet can be used when you want to create a label (facet) for
    a datetime source field which might include values in more than one

    For example, there is a source field called `date_info` which stores
    datetime infomation, which takes the following three values:
    13/09/2022, 13:05:18, 2022-09-13T13:05:18
    All three values follow a different format, with some even missing some
    information (like date or time part).

    You can use this pipelet as the first step of your pipeline workflow
    (before the `Transform Input` step if present), and configure it as follows:
      "date_info": [

    def getArguments():
        return [
                "name": "source_field_time_formats_map",
                "display_label": "Source Field to Time Formats map",
                "help": "Dictionary which maps source field names to time formats to try out in order to successfully parse their values.",
                "type": "code",
                "syntax": "json",

    def __init__(self, config):
        self.config = config

    def consume(self, item):
        source_field_time_formats_map = self.config.get("source_field_time_formats_map", {})

        for key, value in item.items():

            if key in source_field_time_formats_map:

                time_formats, value_dt = source_field_time_formats_map[key], None

                for time_format in time_formats + [SQUIRRO_DATE_FORMAT]:
                        value_dt = datetime.strptime(value, time_format)
                    except ValueError:

                if not value_dt:
                    raise ValueError(f"Could not parse value {value} with any of the configured formats: {time_formats}")
                item[key] = value_dt.strftime(SQUIRRO_DATE_FORMAT)

        return item