3.4.1 Release Notes#


  • Moved saving and loading tokens from dataloader to OAuth session to be able to share refreshed tokens among different services running at the same time.

  • Added a library that fetches images from Pexels and a port of the smartcrop functionality from jwagner/smartcrop.js

  • Upgraded Material UI from 4 to 5. This includes many changes in react files, build, and storybook. Many libraries upgraded, including webpack-dev-server from version 3.x to 4.x.

  • Shipped Activity Tracking pipelet out-of-the-box.

  • Applied rotating refresh token to the Jira and Confluence dataloaders.

  • Packaged the smartcrop library used to crop the community images.

  • Configured snapshots tests for storybook.

  • SharePoint & OneDrive synchronized files can be narrowed down by using `path`argument.

  • Setup default monitoring project after new-tenant creation (first login of an admin).

  • Added new Sources endpoint with pagination and filtering.

  • Backend-only support for rerunning from index on a selected set of steps of a workflow.

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed status code when deleting ML Workflow that is in use.

  • Fixed ID validation when ID starts with , sign.

  • Added async/await for chart colors promise.

  • Fixed project guide design review.

  • SharePoint data connector reliability for users with permission to access multiple SharePoint sites.

  • Fixed exporting images from storage when url_prefix includes scheme.

  • Fixed source scheduling after error.

  • Fixed validation of labeled_item_id which was causing the Add Rule button in Rules overview tab of Ground Truths to return 500.

  • Fixed the packaging of libraries by removing the python-pip flag from fpm. This is due to the deprecation of build using pip since version 20.2.

  • Fixed parsing of URL parameters in pipeline-related resources of the Frontend API.

  • Fixed disabling buttons when setting up the GitHub token.

  • Fixed invoking source each time when the last_items_at field is updated.

  • Fixed the rules editing design review.

  • Fixed some of the charts that were not working.

  • Fixed slow response time of the Data Sources page which occurred when the plumber service was under heavy load.

Installation and Upgrade#

You will have to resolve at least the following config files when upgrading from Squirro 3.3.0

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d/ssl.inc

  • /etc/squirro/common.ini

For new installations, please follow the Installing Squirro on Linux instructions.

To upgrade an existing installation, please consult Upgrading Squirro.