Visualizing Communities

To visualize communities on your dashboard, Squirro offers two dedicated widgets:

To add them to your dashboard, edit the dashboard and select the widgets from the ITEMS section under Add Widget in the dashboard editor. Alternatively you can start typing community in the Search widgets field to filter to the community related widgets.


Community Headlines

The Community Headlines widget displays a card for each of the selected (followed) communities. On the card you can scroll through the related items using the arrows. On click, the item detail is shown.


The Communities widget lets each user follow and un-follow communities by clicking the plus or tick icons respectively. Different community types are grouped under tabs, for example, the Company and Industry tabs in the image above. You can also search for communities using the widgets search functionality (click on the magnifier symbol).

In the widget properties you have the option to Allow bulk selection to select multiple communities and then hit the appearing LETS GO! button to follow communities. Additionally you have the option to display the Following tab where all the communities you (the user) follow are listed.


The Tabs widget can be set to display the communities the user follows. In the widget properties select Show user Communities.