React Custom Widgets

Squirro’s user interface was traditionally developed using the Backbone.js framework.

Starting with version 3.3 (end of 2021) the development is slowly moving to the more modern React stack. This will soon also impact how custom widgets are developed and extended.

As of version 3.5.8 LTS project creators can opt into using React widgets. This is done in the Configuration service using the frontend.userapp.use-react-widgets option.

At the moment the following widgets are available in Backbone.js and React versions and will change when this option is enabled:

The Global Search search bar always uses the React version of the widget, ignoring the above configuration.

Additionally the following widgets have only been implemented in React. They are always enabled, independent of the configuration option. The Backbone Custom Widgets extension mechanism does not work for these widgets.

  • Items

  • QA

  • Communities Banner

  • Similar Searches

  • Engagement Map

With a future release the documentation for how to extend React widgets will be included here. It is also anticipated that with the next LTS release the React mode will become the new default.