Installation and Upgrade#

Squirro can be installed on Linux systems - out of the box Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and its derivative CentOS are supported.

This page provides links to information about installing and upgrading Squirro.

System Requirements#

For minimum system requirements for a proof of concept (POC) installation, see System Requirements.

Installing Squirro on Linux#

For detailed installation instructions, see Installing Squirro on Linux.

Cluster Node Expansion#

To learn more about adding cluster nodes to a Squirro installation, see Squirro Cluster Expansion.

Upgrading Squirro#

For the latest upgrade instructions, see Upgrading Squirro.

Upgrade Configuration Conflicts#

For help with configuration conflicts, see Upgrading Configuration Conflicts.

Upgrading Earlier Versions of Squirro#

For earlier Squirro version upgrade instructions, see Upgrading Earlier Versions.