Squirro Self-Service#

Squirro Self-Service is a web-based interface that allows you to create and manage your own Squirro installations (instances) and projects.

It is available at start.squirro.com.


Squirro provides a single-tenant setup for cloud-hosted instances.

For an overview of Squirro instances, see Squirro Self-Service Instances. For information on upgrading, see Upgrading an Instance.

Cluster Permissions#

For an overview of Self-Service permissions, see Cluster Roles and Permissions for Self-Service.

Reference: For more information about Squirro server and project-level permissions, see Squirro Roles & Permissions.

Domain Permissions#

Squirro allows you to assign permissions based on email domains. To learn more, see Email Domain-Based Permissions.

How-To Guides#

This section contains the following how-to guides: