Squirro Sales Insights#

Squirro Sales Insights is a full 360° application, allowing a user to gain insights from across many data silos in a single coherent view.

It can be integrated into a CRM such as Salesforce.com.

Reference: For more information, see Sales Insights on squirro.com.

Overview - Introduction


Squirro Sales Insights is a full 360° degree app, allowing a user to gain insights from across a number of data silos in a single coherent view.

The application makes use and provides the features of the underlying Squirro Cognitive Search.

Use Cases

  • Market Insights

  • Account / Client Insights

  • Opportunity Sourcing

Value Proposition

  • Get an in-depth insight into your current market and key market movements of companies you work and their competitors.

  • Understand what happens in your accounts: Who talks to whom, sentiment analysis on product and interaction patterns, KPI evolution over time.

  • Improve the top line by uncovering untapped opportunities.

  • Get everyone an efficient and effective means to access and act on key client insights.

  • Leverage the hidden value of existing IT investments by integrating Squirro into your existing workbench and/or CRM solutions.

Key Requirements

  • Automated setup and identification of key sales dimensions.

  • Easy access to key insights on markets, accounts, and opportunities.

  • Access to know-how within the company.

Key Features

  • Daily highlights view (Masonry view or Cardboard view)

  • Topical communities to follow

  • Opportunity recommendations, result insights, etc.

  • Account analysis including who speaks to whom analysis, sentiment and engagement score analysis

  • Smartfilter Search

  • Table Extraction



  • Load (Data Sources)

  • Full data sources library.

  • Enrich & Relate

  • Standard enrichments.

  • Quick tagging into communities.


  • Discover

  • Topic modelling

  • Classify

  • Model catalogue per App

  • Predict

  • Account evolution predictions


  • Recommend

  • Insights recommendations

  • Automate

  • Insights automation and delivery

  • Visualize / Dashboards

  • For you: Daily highlights (Masonry board view or Card board view)

  • Explore: Search page and result page

  • Communities: Overview of topical communities

  • Result page: Details of the item, including results insights

  • SWOT Dashboard

  • Engagement Dashboards

  • 3rd party system integration

  • Stand-alone version: None

  • Integration into Salesforce through Squirro’s Salesforce App

  • Other integrations possible through the iFrame / Share integration options


  • User management - tbd

  • Other settings?


  • Trial Use

    • 10 users, 30 days

    • For each (1) user: 10GB index size, 100GB up/download limit / month

    Full rollout

    • Variable sizing available - contact sales


Squirro is

  • ISO 27001 compliant

  • GDPR compliant


  • Access control list (ACL; item-level access control) not enabled by default


  • Cloud: Hetzner, AWS available at extra cost

  • On Prem: Available - contact sales

Source / Demo


  • Squirro Docs


  • User based;


  • Standard and Gold Support available