Squirro Products#

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The Squirro Insight Engine augments search technology with Artificial Intelligence to deliver relevant and context-aware insights. It applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize and analyze data.

Ingester Service and Data Processing Pipeline

Building on the core Insights Engine, Squirro offers two additional standalone products:

  • Squirro Cognitive Search provides a next-level Enterprise search solution with advanced functionalities built-in.

  • Squirro Sales Insights identifies trends and anomalies to identify customer issues early, recognize cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, boost top-line revenues, and reduce customer churn.


Squirro also offers a standalone generative AI product that can be used to conversationally interact with your own enterprise or website data: SquirroGPT.

To learn more, see SquirroGPT.


Squirro can also be integrated into third-party solutions, including Squirro for Salesforce and Squirro for Microsoft Outlook.

From a deployment perspective, you can use the Squirro Self-Service environment to launch and manage Squirro instances quickly.