Cards Widget#


As of Squirro 3.5.8 LTS, the Items Widget should be used instead of the Cards widget. The Cards widget is only maintained for backward compatibility, but will eventually be removed.

  • The card widget is a very powerful result visualization widget. It shows item details inside cards that can be arranged in different modes.

  • Additionally, it can be configured to visualize the source type, to group items by date and can have a button to share the item link via email.

  • The whole card area is clickable; when clicked, the card expands to show the full item, with body and keywords.

Different Modes#

  • Vertical: Show cards in vertical mode.

  • Horizontal: Cards are shown in horizontal pane.

  • Responsive: Vertical scrolling, different number of cards from left to right depending on width of available space

Avatar Display#

  • Source Abbreviation: Shows the initials of the source name as an avatar on the card

  • Icon / Logo: lets you specify a facet that contains a link to an image that will be displayed as avatar

  • Hide Avatar: Option to hide the avatar (17.04.2019: currently still called hide source)

PDF Preview#

  • For PDF preview, the PDF preview generation in the thumbnail extraction step has to be activated in the respective data handling pipeline.

Tag/Facet Display on Cards#

  • In “End User mode” for Facets Display, the option “Show tags on card” can be activated.

  • The selected facets are then shown as chips on the card.

  • There is also an option to “Show facet name in tags”. By default only the facet values are shown.

Further Display Customization Options#

  • Show title and metadata

  • Show abstract

  • Group by date


  • “Display CTA”: This option displays a “Share” button on the card.

  • CTA (Call-to-action) can be extended by a custom widget to add specific buttons.