Result List Widget#


As of Squirro 3.5.8 LTS, the Items Widget should be used instead of the Result List widget. The Result List widget is only maintained for backward compatibility, but will eventually be removed.

The Result List widget displays a list of results, as seen on the Search page. Clicking on a result will show its content in a modal window.

The widget works out of the box without any configuration. It is possible to change quite a few features, including query/smartfilter highlighting, and the way items open on click (new window, modal window, with moving to the first matching pdf page in the case of a pdf document).


The Vertical Mode is the default mode for this widget.

Horizontal Mode#

The Horizontal Result List lists the items in a horizontal list, with a left/right scroll buttons.

Configuration is mostly the same as in the vertical mode, i.e., supporting opening the item details in a modal window, as well as query/smartfilter highlighting.

Note: The widget also shows the number of duplicated items for each item in the top-right corner, should such items exist and duplicates have not been disabled in the widget’s configuration.