SquirroGPT Web on Squirro Docs#

As of October 2023, you can find SquirroGPT Web built directly into the Squirro Docs website!


SquirroGPT Web is a beta feature. If you are using SquirroGPT on Squirro Docs for use (e.g. in a production environment), it’s recommended that you verify all information with the original source documentation on Squirro Docs.

What is SquirroGPT?#

SquirroGPT is a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI application powered by an underlying large language model (LLM). It is the first enterprise-ready generative AI application geared towards organizations searching for a natural language tool to conversationally interact with their data while meeting data security and privacy requirements.

Put in simpler terms, SquirroGPT is a digital assistant that uses cutting-edge AI technology to allow you to securely and privately chat with your own organizational data.

Reference: View the product page for SquirroGPT.


SquirroGPT Web is a Squirro product offering that allows you to add a digital assistant to your website to help site visitors find information faster and easier.

The digital assistant is powered by SquirroGPT, which uses Squirro’s web crawler data connector to crawl your website and provide the basis for answering questions.

Squirro Docs SquirroGPT Chat With Your Website Digital Assistant


While the term “cutting-edge” is often overused, it genuinely fits SquirroGPT.

SquirroGPT is at the forefront of Enterprise-grade generative AI. However, it remains a new technology that has known limitations.

It’s recommended that you verify answers provided by SquirroGPT with their sources to ensure accuracy.

To learn more about the limitations of SquirroGPT, see Limitations.

How to Use SquirroGPT#

As an end user, SquirroGPT is easy to use. Click the icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen on any Squirro Docs page, type your question into the digital assistant window, and SquirroGPT will provide an answer!

While using it is easy, getting the most of the experience requires some knowledge of best practices.

To learn more, see Take SquirroGPT for a Test Drive.

Free Trial#

If you’re interested in trying SquirroGPT on your website, you can sign up for a free trial at the Squirro.com SquirroGPT Trial Page.

Alternatively, if you need technical assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk with the friendly folks at Squirro Support.

Quick-Start Guide#

Ready to go yourself? For installation and setup instructions, see the quick-start guides for SquirroGPT Chat With Data or SquirroGPT Chat With Web